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Hello visitors! Welcome to my clinic!

You can find me most of the time at my present day clinic which is located at Immanuel building in Laguna, Philippines. But it wasn't here before. This is my clinic's evolution:

I started putting up my private practice in 2000. My first clinic was constructed in a corner of our own house. It was a small one, yet complete. It had a reception area, a consultation and treatment room. I had my own sets of products too. I gradually and painstakingly developed my own practice there. It was ok in the beginning. You don't have to pay rent so ther was minimal overhead expenses. You could relax at home and be entertained within the confines of your home while waiting for patients. But it had its own disadvantages too. Our house is not situated in the most appropriate place for a clinic. Therefore as time passes by, I could not be contented just sitting and waiting for a few patients to come and discover me. I deemed it was already necessary  to go with the flow, to go to where the patients go to seek for doctors, the hospital zone in our town. I have chosen Immanuel because of its strategic location.( I am describing you the old Immanuel clinic .) It was in the middle of three hospitals. We were a bit cramped there. We had to take turns in using the consultation room  whenever we had patients). But it we had to tolerate it. I was looking for more exposure though.

When the owner of our clinic had his new building built. All of us decided to move with him. It was a few steps away from our old one. The new Immanuel building is spacious for us. Each of the doctors now has his own room. We have an internist. a pediatrician, an ENT specialist, a surgeon, a dentist, a occupational therapist and me a dermatologist in the building. Plus, we have a school for children with special needs also. It's more comfortable. I have organized it my room to give it the feel of a modern clinic . We have meticulously planned the design to make a small space seems big. I have put up some equipments too...It is still a mediocre clinic though. It might not be up to par to others standard. Nonetheless, it is the best for me now. This is where patients could find me most of the time. We are open Mon-Sat, 9-5 PM.

present day Immanuel building

banner and door to myc clinic

waiting area just outside of my clinic

reception area inside the clinic

my secretaries' corner

at the far end is the examination/treatment bed
facial area

my table
wash area



Chinky said...

If given the chance, I could have designed the interior of your clinic for free. Professional exposure for me or maybe free botox. What do you think? :)

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