About me

Just call me Docmench. I have used this name online most of the time. I am a doctor, a graduate of Odessa Medical Institute, which is located in Odessa, Ukraine. Its current name is Odessa National Medical University.
My field of specialty is Dermatology. I love both the pathological and aesthetic branch of it. I enjoy treating skin diseases. I feel satisfaction when I 've been successful with the treatment; when the lesions are gone on the patient's follow-up and the patients are happy. On the other hand, aesthetic dermatology is likewise challenging. 

What really prompted me to start blogging is the case of Paulo. It really puzzled us all. It was a question that we were not aware of before. That is why when I found the answer to it I did not hesitate to share it in this blogsite.

In the future what I will be writing here are the cases that I will be encountering, the more interesting ones. I would also like to write about other health-related issues. I will also build a page on the dermatological procedures that are common nowadays. Therefore my blogsite will evolve around medicine, my field.

It's me at the clinic.


at work...performing chemical peel on a patient


with our buliding staff..wacky pose!

the main building of Odessa National Medical University

Odessa National Medical University was founded in 1900. It was called Odessa Pirogov Medical Instiute during the time when I was still studying there. I have already graduated when it was changed to Odessa State Medical University. It assumed its present-day name of ONMI in August 2010. It has several faculties including medical, pediatrics, dental, pahrmaceutical and postgraduate. You can find ONMI at 2 Valikhovsky lane, Odessa. Odessa is situated on the coast of the Black sea. It is one of the cities of Ukraine, a former republic of the now defunct USSR.

I miss Odessa and my university and would like to go back there someday.